ECREA conference Lugano & elections

The preliminary conference programme for the 2018 ECREA conference in Lugano (Oct. 31 – Nov. 3) was recently published: As you will see, all the Film Studies panels are scheduled in the same room (EX-ASILO Room 7) and on the same day: Thurday, November 1.

At the Lugano conference, a new management team (a chair and two vice-chairs) has to be elected.

Laura Rascaroli (University College Cork) has reached the maximum term of six years in the section’s management team, so she has to step down. A big thank you to Laura for all your great work, such as the organization of the great 2017 ECREA Film Studies conference in Cork!

Gertjan Willems (Ghent University/University of Antwerp; candidate for chair) and Sergio Villanueva Baselga (University of Barcelona; candidate for vice-chair), expressed their interest to continue their engagement in the section’s management team. They propose to form a team with Mariana Liz (University of Lisboa; candidate for vice-chair).

The candidacy of this team should not prevent you from putting yourself forward. Candidates can express their interest in running for the position of chair or vice-chair by sending an email to the current chair ( We should also point out that ECREA strongly encourages its Sections to respect regional and gender balance in the constitution of its management teams. We sincerely welcome your interest in this!

The election will take place during our business meeting in Lugano (November 1; 13:30-14:30h at EX-ASILO Room 7). I would like to ask you to send me expressions of interest not later than October 1.

Looking forward to meeting you in Lugano!

All the best,

Gertjan, Laura and Sergio

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